Bjäre som jag ser det...

... fortsättning

Discover the Bjäre peninsula on foot.

Long trails curl along the coast of the Bjäre peninsula. Here you hike in widely varying terrain. This trail is a part of the the Skåneleden Along the trail, trat yours eyes to the best this coastal region has to offer: beautiful nature, sea birds of all sorts and all the time the sea close to you, On your way from Båstad you pass Hovs Hallar. A wild landscape where the sea meets land in big rocks. Whereever you are, you get fantastic sceneries. At Hovs Hallar you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant or just fill your water bottle with cold water. If you wish you can stay over the night at the hotel. The continue walking in direction to Torekov. This part of the trail takes about three hours of walking. I recommend you to stay for a day – at least – in Torekov. Look at the harbour . You can take a boat trip to the island Hallands Väderö. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes. At the island you´ll find a unique flora and fauna.