Bjäre som jag ser det...

... fortsättning

Here ships were built.

The shore at Ingelstorp, ”Ingelstorps Strand”, consists of shore pastures, wetlands, juniper-covered areas, and rubble-stone fields with an abundant flora and fauna. Cattle have grazed here since the Bronze Age. On the high-rise land there are stone-age sites and graves. Bronze-age graves made of piled up rubble stones indicate a permanent settlement at that early time. Another characteristic reminder of bygone ages in this area are traces of the Littorina Sea (6000-3000 BC), whose different altitude levels are reflected in long rubble-stone shore embankments. In historic times, various activities have been persued along the coast – fishing, shipbuilding, stone-quarring, seaweed- collecting and so on. Where the parking lot is today, there was a shipbuilding workshop in the first half of the 19th century. Two-masted brigs were built there, some of which sailed all the way to China and back. All that is left of it today are the remains of the slipway and two rocks – one large and one small – some distance out in the water, the so called Ringstones (“Stora och Lilla Ringastenen”). It is likely that Norrebro harbour starts out as a simple landing-stage. To the west you see the point of Saltpanneudden, with a marked bend in the sea. That was where old ships used to be run aground in order to be broken up for wood.


Norrebro harbour at Ingelstorps Strand,